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  Aug 5 2010 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Facebook Questions are in beta

Good questions

Q & A has been getting a lot of social media attention recently as a compliment to the traditional status update. The big news has been the beta launch of Facebook Questions. Facebook's 500 million users will now be encouraged to ask each other about anything from ancient history to the best pizza places in town. The blog Social Voice provided a good run down of how Questions will work and they also touched on one question that many people were already asking -- will it be efficient to put a question to 500 million people?

The blog Skeptic Geek made the arguments that questions may provide some answers for social media and Search Engine Land provided some ideas for businesses to use questions as a marketing tool. Traditionally, questions have been considered an SEO long tail benefit but Blind Five Year Old addressed the fact that Facebook was blocking them from search engines as one of several aspects that are still puzzling.

The recent startup Quora has received the most Q & A buzz so far and Business Insider made the case that the attention may be well deserved. In the Q & A world the answers of a few knowledgeable people may trump those of 500 million of your closest friends.

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The Forrester 2010 Report on Customer Experience

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With important new communication channels open to both customers and marketers, Forrester has created an important benchmark study by interviewing 141 top executives to find out how they viewed the customer experience challenge and how they were shaping strategies to effectively communicate with their markets. Some highlights:

  • 90% rate the issue as 'very important' or 'critical'
  • The key CE goals for 2010
  • The most serious obstacles to success
  • Targeting and the role of brands
  • Key differences across vertical markets
  • The key benefits obtained by successful CE strategies
  • Final recommendations

The Adobe Corporation has arranged for this complimentary download.

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