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  July 29 2010 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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A video showcases the social Flipbook

Turning to the Flipboard

The first major social media iPad app, Flipboard, has had a very busy first week (it aggregates online content based on social networks). A post by Robert Scoble explained how the Flipboard works while liberally listing its current limitations (none of which prevented him from proclaiming that it 'will shake the media world for quite some time'. The Business Insider provided a technical look at how Flipboard scrapes content and also led the discussion about the legality of its content model. Gizmodo also asked 'Is It Legal?' but included the disclaimer that Flipboard usually only displays introductions before providing a link to the content on its proper host.

Content issues notwithstanding, Flipboard proved so popular that it crashed its own servers within days. It isn't the first content aggregator for the iPad, Pulse was out first. The difference is that Flipboard uses content recommendations from the users social networks as opposed to RSS feeds (which it may add itself in the future). While Flipboard does use algorithms to rank content it isn't the leader in that field and some bloggers are pointing to SwiftRiver as an example of how semantic and veracity algorithms will eventually offer a much improved social reading experience.

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The Social Commerce Summit 2010:
Key Trends and Takeaways

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This past spring BazaarVoice, a builder of online communities, hosted The Social Commerce Summit 2010 and brought together a remarkable group of industry leaders to help outline trends and opportunities in social marketing and commerce. Top authors and bloggers were joined by marketing executives from both B2B and B2C companies. They covered:

  • The need for experimentation in social media marketing
  • Interpreting and measuring ROI
  • The role of search in social commerce
  • How the millennial generation is changing online shopping
  • How to make the most of your influencers
  • Battling the privacy concerns
  • Steps to take to be ready for next year

This free report provides a list of the key points and presentations from the summit.

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User Experience
  • The 'how' of designing an effective survey [Emma]
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Email Marketing
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  • Tracking clicks from mobile devices [Inside AdWords]
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Radar Screen

  • An Amazon-Facebook Alliance to Make Shopping More Social [NY Times Bits]
  • Forrester: Why Most Marketers Should Forgo Foursquare [Ad Age]
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  • How Quora Makes Facebook Look Like MySpace And Google [All Facebook]
  • 5 Niche Online Social Networks With Real-World Effects [Social Times]

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