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  Apr 22 2010 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Facebook's Open Graph is a brand new web

Spinning the web

Facebook's f8 developer conference this week created a huge amount of news that is stressing the web's ability to analyze it in real time -- an overload that acted almost like a denial of service attack for those trying to keep up. Mark Zuckerberg described the overall objective of putting people (and their 'likes') at the newly discovered center of the web. Venture Beat had a succinct description in that Facebook will try to organize the web around personal user preferences as opposed to Google's incumbent structure of link authority. The music site Pandora is an early partner and described via FAQ how their service will thereby change. The blog Conversation Marketer quickly installed the new 'Like' button and seemed excited about the viral potential for sharing content.

The concept of exporting user's preferences all over the web harkened back to Facebook's Beacon days and set off a huge privacy debate but marketers seemed genuinely enthusiastic about what they've seen. Buzz Marketing went through the full menu and WebProNews called it a great opportunity for driving web traffic. Descriptions and metaphors are still being worked on but The Social's analogy of bigger and stronger pipes for social networking seems popular. Perhaps the age of social plumbing is finally upon us.

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The most useful posts of the week

Social Media
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Search Marketing
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User Experience
  • 60 Creative Ideas about “Comming Soon Pages” [DZine Press]
  • Useful Design Tips For Your iPad App [Smashing Magazine]
  • How To Plan Your Landing Pages [PPC Blog]
  • Add An RSS or Twitter Feed to Your Product Detail Pages [Get Elastic]

Email Marketing
  • April Monthly List Building Ideas - 5 Ways to Build Your Email Marketing List [Vertical Response]
  • How To Track Email Conversions in Google Analytics [Distilled]

  • Facebook Insights: Taking Web Analytics to the Next Level [Read Write Web]
  • Setting up a Funnel in Google Analytics [10 Golden Rules]

Radar Screen

  • Teens and Mobile Phones [PEW Research]
  • Google Chrome Says Goodbye to “HTTP://” [NextWeb]
  • Nielsen: Facebook's Ads Work Pretty Well [Ad Age]
  • Nielsen/Facebook Report: The Value of Social Media Ad Impressions [Nielsen Online]

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