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  Apr 8 2010 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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A short video explains foursquare

Foursquare keeps moving

Foursquare was the location based service of choice at the recent South by Southwest Conference in Austin and it continued to show unmistakable signs of growth this week. The service had to announce new provisions to catch cheaters who try to 'check-in' at locations without bothering to actually be there. Then on Tuesday the Business Insider blog reported that Yahoo might be buying Foursquare for $100 million. Microsoft has already announced a plan to integrate Foursquare data into Bing's maps.

The blog Convince and Convert looked at how people are using Foursquare and made the case for an impressive business potential based on the customer insights provided. John Batelle is also a fan of the space but feels that much of that potential remains unreached as it awaits proper execution. Ben Parr offered a comparison of Foursquare to other services in terms of business value and the blog Digital Body Language made the case that the theme of rewarding behavior with badges could even be used in the B2B world.

Competition to become the first to 'check-in' from obscure spots is getting intense. In fact, you will need a very fast sled if you want to get into the action. Two people are already mushing to the North Pole to claim the Mayoral rights on Foursquare.

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