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  Feb 4 2010 -  Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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Bravo wants its readers to go places

Just checking in

The mobile web picked up some speed this week. PR blogger Brian Solis summarized a Morgan Stanley research report describing a world where two out of every three web users are untethered. O'Reilly Radar corroborated with data showing that one of the jewels of the web, social search, was becoming a mobile phenomenon.

The foursquare system of 'checking-in' at a location is getting a lot of attention. The Bravo TV network launched a plan to engage users by having them check-in at show related locations. The media blog Poynter Online described how Canada's Metro News was using foursquare to push location based reviews to followers. Non-media brands told Ad Age about preliminary data indicating a 'huge potential' for directing traffic via check-ins.

Foursquare and its competitors may find their favorite locations to be extremely crowded very soon. Silicon Alley Insider revealed that Facebook is working on check-in technology meaning that people might soon cruise with their favorite networks and provide an attractive moving target for Facebook advertisers.

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User Experience
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Email Marketing
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Radar Screen

  • A First Taste Of What The Google Tablet Will Look Like (Pics) [Techcrunch]
  • Is Facebook becoming a portal? Now 4th largest source of traffic to news sites [Digital Beat]
  • Creating Your Personalized News Channel [Facebook Blog]
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  • Groupon and the Wannabes [GigaOm]
  • Facebook's January US Traffic by Age and Sex [Inside Facebook]
  • Coming Soon: Skype for iPhone Over 3G [Mashable]

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