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Nov 3, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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This is the November 3 2009 special edition of Who's Blogging What, a newsletter that covers over 1,000 top web marketing blogs to help busy online professionals involved in social media, search marketing, email, user experience and web analytics. Listed below are the posts from October 2009 that our readers found to be the most useful. Subscribers receive updated lists with new posts every Thursday. If you would like to be kept up to date you may enter your email address in the box at the right.

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The most useful posts of October 2009

October 2009. The H1N1 pandemic attacked the young and vulnerable all over the world and threatened to take down the internet as well. The fascination with smartphones continued, although in Vermont a bear approached a hiker just to destroy her iPhone. Another Facebook redesign meant another user rebellion, this time led by a 14 year old. Microsoft hoped for a lucky 7 and Twitter went list crazy. Preparing for an uncertain holiday season and a new decade, web marketers turned to these posts as the most useful of the month.

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Social Media: (score)
  • 5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Facebook Page Traffic [All Facebook] (55.0)
  • 15 Online Press Release Distribution Sites [SitePoint] (52.7)
  • 11 Quick Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page [NetWits Think Tank] (48.9)
  • 8 Tips For Getting Your Fan Page Found In Facebook Search [Search Engine Land] (47.7)
  • How to build a Facebook community - 14 levers to pull [Socialbrite] (47.7)
  • 10 Tips to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile [SEOptimise] (46.6)
  • 5 Must-Read Social Media Marketing Studies [Social Media Examiner] (34.8)
  • 6 Ways To Integrate Twitter Into Your Site [Small Business Trends] (33.0)
  • 7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Twitter Pages [RSS Ray] (30.1)
  • 18 Essential Tools for Every Word-of-Mouth Marketer [Mashable] (29.1)
User Experience: (score)
  • Call to Action Buttons: Examples and Best Practices [Smashing Mag] (32.0)
  • The Art of the Social Landing Page [10e20] (31.9)
  • 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy [Top Rank] (29.9)
  • How to Fix a Website with a High Bounce Rate [Raven SEO] (28.6)
  • How Many Steps in Checkout Are Used by Top 10 Converting Websites? [Proimpact7] (24.9)
  • 7 Key Principles That Make A Web Design Look Good [Noupe] (23.6)
  • 100+ Clean, Simple and Minimalist Website Designs [Hongkiat] (23.2)
  • Elements of top-notch B2B website design - a checklist [B2B Web Strategy] (23.1)
  • What should be above the fold on an e-commerce site? [Econsultancy] (22.1)
  • 10 Ways to Analyze and Optimize a Site's Performance [Design Reviver] (21.9)
Search Marketing: (score)
  • Why Your Company Needs a Google Profile [Search Marketing Sage] (27.4)
  • Is It Possible To Optimize PDF Files? [Search Marketing Standard] (26.8)
  • 3 Ways to Use the New Google Descriptions [Internet Marketing Blog] (25.0)
  • 2 dead simple ways to optimize your Adwords campaign [CDF Networks] (24.8)
  • Google Confirms Higher CTR As Result of Ads Position To Free Listings [SEO Roundtable] (23.8)
  • SEO Tips for Sitemaps [SEO Design Solutions] (23.7)
  • 7 Steps to Improving Conversion Rates [Search Engine Guide] (22.5)
  • Quickly Find out Which SERPS Page You Are Ranked [Search Engine Journal] (21.9)
  • Free Tools for Monitoring Hot Search Trends [Adam Sherk] (19.9)
  • Tips to optimise your video content [Econsultancy] (19.5)
Email: (score)
  • How to Create Email Newsletters That Work [Stream Send] (39.4)
  • 50 All-Time Great Retail Subject Lines [VR Marketing Blog] (33.0)
  • 10 Great Email Opt-in Field Examples in Footer [ProImpact 7] (31.5)
  • Email Open Rates Continue To Rise [Mediapost] (23.6)
  • Thoughts on email subject lines [Stream Send] (20.6)
  • The Secret Language Of Sales [Email Insider] (20.1)
  • Why Recepients Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists [ProImpact7] (19.3)
  • Test Results: How Long Should Your 'From' Line Be? [Aweber] (17.8)
  • Tips for getting more oomph from your B2B's email newsletter [B2B Web Strategy] (17.1)
  • Create Online Surveys: Guide To The Best Free Services [Robin Good] (17.1)
Web Analytics: (score)
  • New Google Analytics Features Unveiled [Analytics Talk] (36.7)
  • Storytelling: Actionable Insight from Analytics [Top Rank] (19.8)
  • Brand Measurement: Analytics & Metrics for Branding Campaigns [Occam's Razor ] (17.2)
  • How to track mobile phone users with Google Analytics [Advanced Web Metrics ] (16.9)
  • Fall In Love With Motion Charts [Google Analytics Blog] (16.8)
  • All That Bounces Is Not Bad [Web Analysis] (12.2)
  • Lessons in YouTube Analytics and Product Placement [Eyecube] (11.4)
  • A Step Closer to Unified Audience Measurement [Web Analytics World] (9.2)
  • Landing Page Testing: Choosing Between A/B Or Multivariate Approaches [Search Engine Land] (9.0)
  • Analyzing Bounce Rate Using Compete Destination Analytics [Wordstream] (7.9)

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