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Sept 29, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.
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This is the September 29 2009 special edition of Who's Blogging What, a newsletter that covers over 1,000 top web marketing blogs to help busy online professionals involved in social media, search marketing, email, user experience and web analytics. Listed below are the posts from September 2009 that our readers found to be the most useful. Subscribers receive updated lists with new posts every Thursday. If you would like to be kept up to date you may enter your email address in the box at the right.

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The most useful posts of September 2009

September 2009. Nuclear tensions gripped the Middle East even as the world's stock markets continued to rise. The White House fought for health reform but also decided to become part of the OpenID community. The President of the United States called Kanye West a 'jackass'. In Australia, two young girls trapped in a storm water drain updated their Facebook status by cell phone in lieu of calling the police. In West Virginia a burglar was apprehended because he stopped to check his Facebook account during the theft. Hollywood decided that a Facebook movie was in order and selected Justin Timberlake for a lead role. Working through a period of political intrigue and bizarre social media distractions, web marketers turned to the following posts as the most useful of the month.

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Social Media: (score)
  • 4 Calls To Action That Will Turn Facebook Fans Into Customers [All Facebook] (60.8)
  • 6 Ways Businesses Can Use Twitter [Silicon Alley Insider] (53.2)
  • 5 Ways to Track Your Competitors Using Social Media [Kyle Lacy] (50.7)
  • How To Create A Landing Tab That Converts New Visitors Into Fans [All Facebook] (48.2)
  • Tips To Get People To Join Your Facebook Fan Page [Small Business Trends] (48.1)
  • Designing Tweets: How To Integrate Twitter Into Your Web Site [SitePoint] (37.8)
  • How To Measure The Value Of A Fan Or Follower In Social Media [Search Engine Land] (36.4)
  • Which Social Sites Do People Use Most for Sharing Content on the Internet [Digital Inspiration] (34.5)
  • 10 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility [Search Engine Land] (34.1)
  • Using Twitter for Marketing Without Annoying Followers [Big Marketing Small Business] (32.5)
Search Marketing: (score)
  • 10 Practical Actionable SEO Tips To Boost Your Website Visibility [Natural Search] (38.8)
  • Page Titles : The Worst Practices [Quickstart SEO] (25.9)
  • Tips for Getting Crawled Faster by Google [WebProNews] (24.5)
  • Tips for Getting Found in Real-Time Searches [WebProNews] (20.7)
  • 5 Tips To Achieve Alignment Between SEO Keyword Strategy & Content [Search Engine Land] (20.0)
  • 17 Ways Search Engines Judge the Value of a Link [SEOmoz] (20.0)
  • 8 Ways to Target Keywords for Ranking and Usability [10e20] (18.2)
  • Using Reverse Dictionaries for Keyword Research [Search Engine Journal] (18.1)
  • Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking [Google Webmaster Blog] (17.3)
  • How to Reduce and Control Your PPC Campaign Costs [Daily SEO Tip] (16.8)
User Experience: (score)
  • Call To Action Buttons: Does Size Matter? [Get Elastic] (41.2)
  • 3 Free Tools - Web Site Usability / User Experience [SEO Diva] (31.8)
  • 7 Quick Shopping Cart Tips = 11% Increase in Sales [Marketing Pilgrim] (26.3)
  • 25 Examples of Web 2.0 and Traditional Design Rules Coming Together [Web Designer Depot] (26.1)
  • Fonts for the Web: What Works Best? [10e20] (25.1)
  • 30+ Examples of Big, Bold, and Beautiful Website Navigation Menus [Freelance Folder] (25.0)
  • 5 Rules for Better Web Writing [Mashable] (24.4)
  • 20 Incredible Illustrative Site Designs Inspired by Nature [Design Reviver] (24.0)
  • 53 High Quality Fonts for your next Design Project [Design Reviver] (23.8)
  • Fewer buttons means more conversions [Econsultancy] (23.8)
Email: (score)
  • An Indispensible Guide for Email Marketing [Savvy B2B Marketing] (33.9)
  • How Social is Your Email? [Duct Tape Marketing] (28.0)
  • How E-Mail Recipients Use Social Sharing Links [ClickZ] (22.4)
  • Smart Marketers Make Dense Emails [Email Insider] (20.7)
  • My Email is Not Junk! - B2B Marketing and Sales Tip [B2B Lead] (19.1)
  • Subject lines: Amazon's lessons on discounts and frontloading [Email Marketing Reports] (15.6)
  • Email Opt-in Field: Ideas on Placement to Maximize Your Opt-ins [ProImpact7] (15.6)
  • 13 Ways to Categorize Gifts in Holiday Emails [Get Elastic] (13.3)
  • A Few Pointers For Improving Survey Response [Email Insider] (12.7)
  • How to Build a Strong Email Marketing List [DirJournal Marketing] (11.2)
Web Analytics: (score)
  • The Value Of Landing Pages [Google Analytics Blog] (25.2)
  • An Important Analytics Distinction: Bounce vs Exit [Seer] (21.9)
  • How to track inbound links from your social media profiles [Brian Cray] (18.8)
  • Using Google Analytics To Identify High-Performing Keywords [Google Analytics Blog] (18.6)
  • How To Use Google Analytics Motion Charts To Maximize Results [Search Engine Land] (17.2)
  • Microsoft working on social media Analytics tool [Search Cowboys] (14.6)
  • The Web Analytics Headache [eMarketer] (14.6)
  • Track SEO rankings and Sitelinks with Google Analytics [Yoast] (13.5)
  • Using Google Analytics to Your PPC Advantage: Geo Targeting [ROI Revolution] (10.1)
  • 3 Steps to Quickly Diagnosing Problems (& Successes) in Analytics [Web Analytics World] (9.4)

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