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Sept 24, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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Google demonstrates Sidewiki with video

Google awaits your comments

Google's launch of Sidewiki on Wednesday kicked off a very lively debate about the control of user contributions on the web. Ars Technica provided a good rundown of how Sidewiki works and also suggested that Google will need to do some work to prioritize the truly helpful comments. Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do? and a self avowed Google 'fanboy' immediately decried Sidewiki's efforts to take interactivity away from web publishers. The Inquisitr termed the whole thing 'a very bad idea', using stronger language in the post. Blogoscoped provided historical precedents of similar projects failing and Econsultancy found early uses of Sidewiki to be nothing more than anti-brand graffiti.

Tweets by Google's Matt Cutts comparing Sidewiki to FriendFeed didn't totally resonate and Sidewiki's project manager Caesar Sengupta explained how Google algorithms would result in higher quality commenting. Support for Google ranged from tepid to strong. Marketing Pilgrim said that their advice to reputation management clients would be to just not worry about it. Jeremiah Owyang came out strongly in favor, telling corporate websites to accept and embrace the concept that the users really own their site.

Perhaps the most interesting theme of the week was the continued suggestion that Google, founded on the belief that completely automated systems could find relevant content along with appropriate advertising, was now increasingly looking to human beings for help. Gigaom wrote about 'the problem of plenty' and how it was demanding user intervention at Google. The fact that Google has been so slow to the social media feeding frenzy may hurt them now, as John Batelle noted that a strong community (something that Google has never really had) is a key ingredient to making Sidewiki work.

The most useful posts of the week

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