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Sept 3, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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A Chris Grayson Youtube video explains how mobile augmented reality works

Augmented Reality Bytes

iPhone users learned this week (mostly from a Robert Scoble FriendFeed post) about a fascinating hidden feature contained in the new Yelp app. Users merely had to load the app and shake their phone three times to be transported into a new, augmented reality. The phone's camera, GPS, compass and accelerometer are used to identify the screen image and to layer information on top of it.

Augmented reality was around for a long time before The Terminator got into it and an augmented reality browser named Layar already runs on Android phones. Still, its introduction to the iPhone mass market is being viewed with great interest. The blog ReadWriteWeb asked the question of overhype vs true value and polled its readers for their opinions. Blogging in Screenwerk, Greg Stirling offered the assessment that augmented reality had true potential but that these early apps were somewhat cumbersome and inefficient compared to conventional alternatives. Things may change quickly as additional apps quickly came into view at the iPhone store and Mashable listed the top six mobile AR apps using GPS and even facial recognition.

The augmented reality future may move really fast. A new generation of contact lens is already in the works to provide bionic eyesight.

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