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Sept 1, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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The most useful posts of August 2009

August 2009. Nearly 46 years after his brother's funeral helped to define the role of television news coverage, Ted Kennedy's final service was communicated over Twitter. The White House prescription for health care reform was found to include elements of spam. Iron Man, Spiderman and even The Incredible Hulk wound up getting owned by Mickey Mouse. Security experts revealed that, on the internet, the only person more dangerous than Beyonce is Jessica Biel while mobile users went face to face with iPhones that overheated and exploded. Preparing for a busy autumn and an uncertain holiday season, web marketers turned to the following posts as the most useful of the month.

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Social Media: [score]
  • The 14 most essential tools for a killer Twitter strategy [Blending The Mix 59.1]
  • 10 valuable Twitter utilities for business users [Between The Lines 58.0]
  • 20 + mind-blowing social media statistics [Econsultancy 56.6]
  • How To Create A Facebook Note That Spreads Like Wildfire [All Facebook 48.5]
  • 20+ more mind-blowing social media statistics [Econsultancy 47.0]
  • 16 Rules For Social Media Optimization Revisited [Online Marketing Blog 45.1]
  • Brand Your Tweets - What Every Brand Manager Needs To Do [eInfo 39.3]
  • HOW TO: Take Advantage of FriendFeed's Unique Features [Mashable 35.9]
  • 5 Tips For Getting More from Facebook [Duct Tape Marketing 35.4]
  • New Facebook Search- Benefits for Marketers [Marketo 34.5]

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Search Marketing: [score]
  • 10 SEO Tools You Should Be Using [SEO Diva 56.2]
  • 5 SEO/SEM Trends that Are Changing Search during 2009 [Web Mama 51.2]
  • The 30 Free SEO Tools You Must Know [SEOptimise 49.2]
  • 7 Tips To Increase Landing Page Conversions [Search Engine Journal 26.9]
  • Google: Links in content are more valuable [Blofstorm 26.9]
  • 5 Crucial SEO Tips For the New Binghoo [Winning the Web 25.0]
  • Use Formulas to Create High Performance SEO Title Tags [WordStream 20.7]
  • Boost your quality score with these simple tips [Econsultancy 17.1]
  • YouTube Ranking Factors: 15 Guerrilla Tactics [AimClear 14.7]
  • Your AdWords ROI Is Better Than You Think [Search Engine Journal 14.2]
User Experience: [score]
  • Creating Social Media Friendly Websites [SEO Wizards 42.5]
  • 25 Creative Website Footers [Design Reviver 41.1]
  • Essential Tips for Designing an Effective Homepage [Six Revisions 40.2]
  • Free Set of Social Media Icons - Rivet Social [Six Revisions 29.8]
  • Corporate Blog Design: Trends And Examples [Smashing Mag 25.2]
  • 70+ Examples of Product Comparison Tables in Web Design [Six Revisions 23.7]
  • 10 Typography Tips to Bring your Skills to the Next Level [In The Woods 23.3]
  • 20 Excellent Examples of Using Animals in Web Design [Six Revisions 22.3]
  • How to Create Your First iPhone Application [Smashing Mag 19.2]
  • Beautiful New Free Fonts For Your Designs [Smashing Mag 18.7]
Email: [score]
  • Subject lines: Amazon's lessons on length [Email Marketing Reports 38.6]
  • Five Ways to Make Your Email Marketing Work Better [Copy Blogger 32.7]
  • Email Spam Filter Trigger Words To Avoid In Your E-Campaigns [Mannix 29.8]
  • Subject Lines - what is best? [Email Marketing Blog 25.9]
  • Stop Your Email Newsletter Being Junk - A Case Study [BPWrap 21.9]
  • Short Or Long Copy In Newsletters: What's The Smart Choice? [Email Insider 21.9]
  • Are You Ready For The 18 Phases Of Christmas? [Email Insider 20.6]
  • Video email: 8 recommended practices [Email Marketing Reports 18.5]
  • Email Messaging That Works [SmartBlog 18.2]
  • What can email marketing learn from Twitter and other social media channels? [Econsultancy 17.5]
Web Analytics: [score]
  • A Better Way to Measure Conversion Rate [Get Elastic 28.1]
  • How to use Google Analytics to track telephone leads [Econsultancy 22.3]
  • Turn Web Analytics into a Money Making Machine [Online Marketing Blog 20.5]
  • 3 Ways to Test Page Title Tags CTR in Google Analytics [Conversion Counts 19.2]
  • Direct, referral or organic - definitions straight from the source [Google Analytics Blog 15.0]
  • How to override Google Analytics 'last click wins' behaviour [Blogstorm 12.8]
  • 8 Core Elements For Attribution Modeling Beyond The Last Click [Search Engine Land 8.3]
  • A Google Wave reality check [WebWare 8.0]
  • Are brand advertisers dwelling on the wrong metric? [Econsultancy 7.0]

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