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Aug 28, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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Twitter pinpoints your Tweets

Wherefore art thou on Twitter?

Twitter has taken a big step towards embracing location based services with the announcement that they are revising their API to provide the longitude and latitude of individual Tweets. Twitter acknowledged that the move will be of primary interest to those who use and write mobile apps. PCWorld compared the moves against Google's recent location based efforts and cited some real advantages for Twitter in the real time search battle. The blog Future Visions took it a step further, calling the advantages to business intelligence 'game changing'. Hubspot joined in with a listing of the ways the Twitter LBS could help localized marketing.

Not everybody wants to be pinpointed, of course. In a separate post PCWorld added three reasons why the typical user could or should opt-out and NextWeb quickly found six reasons why Twitter geo location was a really bad idea. Poynter acknowledged that it could strengthen Twitter as a news gathering source if it didn't intimidate some sources.

Twitter's apparent end game was addressed by the mobile blog MocoNews -- there is every reason for Twitter to get excited over geo-targeted ads.

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