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Aug 18, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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The most useful posts about Twitter

Twitter's long, busy summer. It got burned by a series of DDos attacks and it (so far) has survived a strong response from the ever growing Facebook. Twitter also spent the summer finding increased favor with brands (including Martha Stewart herself) and it steadfastly continued to morph into a search power. Here are the posts that our readers followed most closely during this summer of social media.

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Doing Business On Twitter:
  • Twitter 101 - A Special Guide [business.Twitter.com]
  • 10 Great Ways To Use Twitter To Your Business's Advantage [WebProNews]
  • 6 Ways to Use Twitter to Impact Your Brand [Ogilvy]
  • 4 Ways Brands Are Earning -and Buying- Followers on Twitter [Jeremiah Owyang]
  • 137 Small Business Twitter Tips [Small Biz Trends]
  • 8 Examples of 'Win Great Stuff' Efforts To Drive Twitter Followers [Creativity in Public Relations]
  • Five ways to make money from Twitter [LA Times Technology]
  • What Click-Through Rate Can You Expect From Twitter? [Mashable]
  • Using Twitter To Rate Email Campaign Effectiveness [Mail Chimp]
  • 5 Twitter Tips to Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy [Content Marketing Today]
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Twitter Tools You Can Use
  • 15 Useful Twitter Tools For Web Workers [Freelance Folder]
  • 3 Aggregation Tools For Tracking Tweets [Search Engine Land]
  • 50 Free and Exclusive Twitter Icons [Designer Depot]
  • Tinker Becomes A More Powerful Twitter Trends Discovery Engine [TechCrunch]
  • 10 valuable Twitter utilities for business users [Between The Lines]
  • 4 Easy Ways to Find Valuable Business Twitterers to Follow [Scott Fox]
  • The 14 most essential tools for a killer Twitter strategy [Blending The Mix]
Twitter Becomes a Search Term
  • Twitter Search Tips For B2B Marketers [Search Engine Land]
  • The Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips [Mashable]
  • What Bing, Twitter, and Facebook Mean for SEO [WebProNews]
  • Facebook testing real-time search before Twitter becomes defacto [Between The Lines]
  • Twitter SEO - the Future of Keywords [Search Engine Journal]
  • GeoChirp is a Really Cool Local Twitter Search [Mashable]
  • Bing Starts Indexing Twitter Updates, Sort Of [Search Engine Journal]
  • Contextual Ads Based Off Social Network Profile: Twitter and Facebook [Jeremiah Owyang]
Using Twitter Like A Pro:
  • Pro Twitterers Share Their Secrets [Mediapost]
  • 10+ super geeky ways to use Twitter [Download Squad]
  • Eight Firefox extensions for the Twitter fanatic [WebWare]
  • From Corporate to Personal: A Breakdown Of The Four Types of Twitter Profiles [Jeremiah Owyang]
  • Twitter Better: 20 Ways to Filter Your Tweets [Mashable]
Twitter In The News:
  • 10 Stunning [And Useful] Stats About Twitter [Influential Marketing]
  • Top 5 Twitter Related Trends to Watch [Mashable]
  • Twitter Becomes Most Linked to Social Media Site in Email Marketing [Email Data Source]
  • An In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World [Sysomos]
  • Project Retweet: Phase One [Twitter Blog]
  • A round up of Twitter stats - 3/4 joined Jan to May 2009, 60%+ in US [Social Media Today]
  • For TechCrunch, Twitter = Traffic -A Statistical Breakdown [TechCrunch]
  • Technorati Seeks Some Twitter Juice, Launching Twittorati [Paid Content]
  • 2009 Facebook and Twitter Growth by Age Group [Ignite]
  • The Web in Numbers: Twitter Back on Track, Wolfram Alpha Plummets [Mashable]

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