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Aug 6, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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The new Bing jingle - Bing Goes The Internet

Summer - time for some fun

WBW's mission is to highlight developments in web marketing that deserve a few additional minutes of your time. This week, at the height of the summer season, we can safely say that we have looked at everything and that your time is better spent preparing for a fun weekend.

True, Google purchased video compression technology company On2 and is now a competitor with the Flash that currently powers their YouTube. Twitter got knocked completely offline (not even the Fail Whale survived) by a nasty denial of service attack on Thursday morning. Then, just as Microsoft was beginning to look cool with Bing they selected a Bing jingle that astounded everyone and probably set them back a few years.

But overall you can safely head to the beach guilt free. We just wanted to send you the list of Most Useful Posts, let you know about a new study showing that 24% of Twitter belongs to robots and to give you a chance to see the Bing jingle for yourself.

The most useful posts of the week

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Social Media
  • 16 Rules For Social Media Optimization Revisited [Online Marketing Blog]
  • The 14 most essential tools for a killer Twitter strategy [Blending The Mix]
  • Targeting and Connecting on the Top Business Networking Sites [Online Social Networking]
  • How are the New Facebook Platform Ad Policies Affecting Developer CPMs? [Inside Facebook]
  • Design a Winning Ad on Facebook [Business Week]
  • 20 + mind-blowing social media statistics [Econsultancy]
  • HOW TO: Build Your Company's Profile on LinkedIn [Mashable]
  • Announcing Facebook Tips: Where Do I Go for Help? [Facebook Blog]
  • 8 Best Practices for Retailers on Facebook Pages [Inside Facebook]
  • 5 Twitter Tips to Strengthen Your Content Marketing Strategy [Content Marketing Today]

Please Tweet!

Search Marketing
  • 6 Key Action Items Resulting from the Yahoo Microsoft Deal [Komarketing]
  • Google adds AdWords Bid Simulator feature [Biz Report]
  • How Many PPC Ads Should You Test [Search Engine Journal]
  • Optimizing the Page Search Results Snippet: On-Page Tactics [Search Engine Journal]
  • Three tips you haven't read before on writing more effective PPC ads [B2B Web Strategy]
  • The 30 Free SEO Tools You Must Know [SEOptimise]

User Experience
  • 10 Typography Tips to Bring your Skills to the Next Level [In The Woods]
  • Free Set of Social Media Icons - Rivet Social [Six Revisions]
  • 20 Excellent Examples of Using Animals in Web Design [Six Revisions]

  • Subject lines: Amazon's lessons on length [Email Marketing Reports]
  • Twitter Becomes Most Linked to Social Media Site in Email Marketing [Email Data Source]
  • Listen to your unsubscribers [Spamtacular]
  • Gmail: Unsubscribes, Complaints and Engagement [Email Experience]
  • Turning your B2B email program into a dialogue [B2B Web Strategy]

  • A Better Way to Measure Conversion Rate [Get Elastic]
  • 3 Ways to Test Page Title Tags CTR in Google Analytics [Conversion Counts]
  • How to override Google Analytics 'last click wins' behaviour [Blogstorm]

Radar Screen

  • A Google Wave reality check [WebWare]
  • A speedier, spiffier beta for Google Chrome [Google Blog]
  • E-commerce and Facebook: Friends or foes? [Blogspotting]
  • 2009 Facebook and Twitter Growth by Age Group [Ignite]
  • Google Launches Official Facebook Page [All Facebook]
  • MySpace Mail: Not bad, but not a killer app [The Social]

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