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July 30, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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It took Yahoo and Microsoft a long time to find the right pen

Yahoo carefully explained the Microsoft deal to users but the blogging community explained the deal as Microsoft's need to scale up with Bing and by Yahoo's desire to drop the search engine tag entirely. Ars technica provided a good rundown of the deal. Ad Age was the first to proclaim victory for internet advertisers but SEOmoz found a mixed bag when it looked at the SEO details. There are significant differences between the way that Bing and Google approach SEO which were outlined by Search Engine Journal. The comparative benefit of Microsoft's adCenter over Yahoo's outgoing Panama was the basis of a favorable take on the deal by Search Engine Watch. Several blogs predicted that the Microsoft platform will only get better since it had gained access to Yahoo's technology as part of the deal.

There was widespread agreement with Wall Street's opinion that the deal was okay for Microsoft but less so for Yahoo. Jason Calacanis could not hide his contempt for Yahoo's decision to fall on the sword of search that it once helped to forge. Between The Lines noted the alarming similarity between the searchless Yahoo and the somewhat lost AOL. Few bloggers were predicting an immediate threat to Google, who nonetheless may be quick to remind the Justice Department of the roadblocks that it threw in front of its own Yahoo deal. Google's Matt Cutts turned pollster in his blog, asking for counts on who won the day.

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