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Jun 16, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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The most useful posts about Twitter

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Doing Business On Twitter:
  • 4 Ways Companies Use Twitter for Business (ReadWriteWeb)
  • Nine Twitter Tips for Business (PC World)
  • 7 Ways to Use Twitter for Business (Whoast)
  • How To Boost The Conversion Rate On Twitter (Lucafiligheddu)
  • Mining Twitter for Leads (Duct Tape Marketing)
  • Yes, You CAN Make B2B Sales Happen Using Twitter (One Degree)
  • 7 Questions Some Brands Are Asking About Twitter (Jeremiah Owyang)
  • Making The Case For Marketing To Baby Boomers On Twitter (Karner Blue)
  • How to Make Money Using Twitter (Web Connoisseur)
  • Use Google Analytics to Get a Better Picture of Your Twitter Traffic (Codswallop)
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Twitter Tools You Can Use
  • 6 Twitter Search Services Compared (Mashable)
  • 8 Excellent Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter Streams (Social Media Today)
  • 14 MORE Tools of Highly Effective Twitter Users (Kenny Hyder)
  • 5 Terrific Twitter Research Tools (Mashable)
  • Twitter Power System Review (Online Social Networking)
  • 7 Top Twitter Topic Trackers (ReadWriteWeb)
  • Trends On Twitter - What do YOU use? (Mr. Tweet)
  • 40+ New Twitter-Related Apps (RotorBlog)
  • Twitter Search - 20 alternative search engines (Phil Bradley)
  • 25 Twitter Apps for Multi-Account Users (Birdsall)
  • 11 Useful Twitter Tools That Don't Require Your Password (TwiTip)
  • 15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends (Mashable)
  • How Far is Your Twitter Reach? (Twitterrati )
  • 29 Twitter Apps for the iPhone Compared (Mashable)
Using Twitter Like A Pro:
  • Copywriting for Twitter: 10 ways to make every tweet count (Econsultancy)
  • The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines (CopyBlogger)
  • 10 Twitter Tips for Professionals (One Degree)
  • How to Ask Questions on Twitter and Get Responses (Viva Visbility)
  • How To: Use Twitter for Customer Service (Mashable)
  • How to win Twitter followers and influence people (ars technica)
  • 8 Steps For Building Community On Twitter: Tips For Membership Organizations (TwiTip)
  • Six Ways You Should Be Using Twitter that Don't Involve Breakfast (LifeHacker)
  • The Hierarchy Of Tweets - Analysing The Psychology of Twitter (Innovation Diaries)
  • Twitter manners- how to write good tweets and be a good twittizen (Janet Fouts)
  • How to Get More from Twitter (PC World)
  • HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags (Mashable)
  • How to Find Twitter Twits to Retweet Your Tweet! (TwitTip)
  • Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags (Search Engine Journal)
  • Twitter Analytics : Which usage behavior attracts many followers? (Liffe Analytics)
  • Targeting Location and Conversation on Twitter (Kyle Lacy)
  • Dayparting Twitter (Duct Tape)
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Twitter On Your BlackBerry (Lucafiligheddu)
Making Yourself Heard Through Twitter:
  • Don't get confused: Facebook's open stream approach isn't like Twitter's (LA Times)
  • Twitter Tweaks Its Title Tags For Better Google Juice (TechCrunch)
  • Twitter Versus Facebook, A Comparison Of The Top Users (All Facebook)
  • Google updates page rank. Twitter profile pages take a beating. (Next Web)
  • Glue Lets You Browse the Web With Your Facebook and Twitter Friends (Mashable)
  • Twitter's power to misinform (ForeignPolicy.com)
  • Using Twitter for search engine marketing (Pandia)
  • Twitter Page SEO: 5 Tips To Optimize Your Twitter Page (Source Square)
  • Twitter Quietly Launches a Competitive Product to Facebook Connect (Inside Facebook)
  • The 10 Sites Benefiting The Most From Twitter's Traffic Explosion (Silicon Alley Insider)
  • How To Use Twitter For Building Links (SEO Journal)
  • VIDEO - How to use Twitter for linkbuilding (Seer)
  • 10+ Twitter-Related Facebook Apps (RotorBlog)
Looking Good While Twittering:
  • 25 of the Best Designed Twitter Homepages (Design Reviver)
  • 13 Tutorials & Resources for a Perfect Twitter Background (Design Reviver)
  • 16 Genuine, Authentic Designers on Twitter (Six Revisions)
Twitter In The News:
  • The Ten Ways Twitter Will Permanently Change American Business (24/7 Wall St)
  • New Twitter Research: Men Follow Men and Nobody Tweets (Harvard)
  • March Web Stats Reveal Twitter Frenzy (Marketing Charts)
  • A Twitter Spinoff Launches for Moms (Digits)
  • Salesforce and Twitter Could Power Dirty Tricks (PC World)
  • Twitter To Expand Search Beyond Own Site (Moco News)
  • Jakob Nielsen Critiques Twitter (Business Week)
  • Twitter Might Start Adding Comments & Location-Based Information to Each Tweet (ReadWriteWeb)
  • How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live (Time)
  • Flirt140: Find a Date on Twitter (RotorBlog)
  • A Study in User Experience: Twitter & #fixreplies (Design for Users)
  • Marketers Mull Value of Twitter Search Ads (ClickZ)
  • FriendFeed is absorbing more Twitter users, and that's good for Twitter (Venture Beat)
  • Text Ads On Twitter Raise Some New Questions (paidContent.org)

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