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May 21, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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Is Kumo coming?
Microsoft gets up again to take another swing at Google

Microsoft continues to pursue Google search with a Captain Ahab-esque level of dedication. Next week they are expected to debut their latest search engine which may or may not continue the working title of Kumo. Microsoft's search engine has been a rare commodity among bloggers in that it is a Microsoft effort that has received some praise. Liveside is one blogger who summarized the reasons why Microsoft is better at search than most people believe and, as PC World suggested, this may be the point where we see some semantic benefits of Microsoft's acquisition of PC World was also quick to point out that, with a 64% market share, the space remains Google's to lose.

Details will emerge over the next few days from either the May 26 D: All Things Digital conference or, as Search Engine Land (perhaps wishfully) speculated, at their June 2 SMX Advanced in Seattle. The name game speculation remains high. Most bloggers agree that is dead and Liveside did some sleuthing suggesting that, in name at least, Microsoft search might just become a bowl of cherries.

The most useful posts of the week

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Social Media
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Search Marketing
  • Google's Search Based Keyword Tool: Finding Diamonds in the Long-tail (PPC Advice)
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User Experience
  • 11 Striking Findings From an Eye Tracking Study (Pro Blogger)
  • Web Design Industry Jargon: Glossary and Resources (Smashing Mag)
  • 9 Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment ( Conversation Marketing)
  • 8 Layout Solutions To Improve Your Designs (Smashing Mag)
  • How to Avoid Losing Your Readers Along the Long Copy Path (CopyBlogger)
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  • How to Get Your Mail Past the Inbox Bouncers (ClickZ)
  • Should You Still Send Emails Consistently Over the Summer? (Email Experience Council)
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  • Learn The First of 3 Critical Opportunities to Create The Right Subscriber Expectations (Aweber)
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  • 5 Advanced Segments for Ecommerce Analysis (ROI Revolution)
  • Spotlight on Google Analytics features part 1: Advanced Segmentation (Google Conversion Room)
  • How Google Analytics Tracks 'Bookmark' Visits (Analytics Talk)
  • Tracking Transactions back to the Initial Referrer with Google Analytics (ROI Revolution)

Radar Screen

  • Google Product Search for Android and iPhone (Google Mobile Blog)
  • Fennec (Firefox Mobile) Alpha 1 For Windows Mobile Goes Live (Mobile Crunch)
  • New Firefox Icon: Concept Rendering by Stephen Horlander (Alex Faaborg)
  • Twoogle performs Google and Twitter searches simultaneously (Download Squad)
  • Middle-Agers Help Hulu Grow 490% (Marketing Charts)
  • Twitmatic version 2 takes Twitter video search seriously (Venture Beat)
  • Twitter sees tools, not ads, for revenue (Digital Trends)
  • With Facebook, Has OpenID Moved Closer to Being the De Facto Login Standard? (GigaOm)
  • Ads in FriendFeed-This Could be Huge (New Comm Biz)
  • Augmented Reality - 5 examples of this 3D virtual experience being used for advertising (Nick Burcher)

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