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May 19, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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The most useful posts about Facebook

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Power marketing on Facebook:
  • Facebook Shares Tips and Case Studies for Brand Marketers (Mashable)
  • 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Brand's Facebook Presence (Mashable)
  • How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans (All Facebook)
  • 30+ Apps for Doing Business on Facebook (Mashable)
  • How to Increase Your Site's Traffic Through Facebook Share (Inside Facebook)
  • 5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page (Mashable)
  • 4 Simple Ways to Promote Your Site on Facebook (Search Engine Journal)
  • Citysearch: Each Item Shared Through Facebook Connect Generates 30 Clicks (Inside Facebook)
  • Facebook's Clinically Precise Advertising (Mashable)
  • Using Facebook Business Pages to Promote Your Brand (Big Wave)
  • the inside scoop from facebook advertising - the day I spent inside (dk's Purpose)
  • How to Create Successful Facebook Ads (Web Analytics World)
  • 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know (AllFacebook)
  • 20 Facebook desktop apps to try (Webware)
  • Facebook Posted Items - Sharing Beyond Your Network (Web Success Diva)
  • 13 Sure Fire Strategies for Launching Successful Facebook Applications (All Facebook)
  • How to Launch Your Web Show on Facebook (NewTeeVee)
  • 5 Rules Of Facebook Flirting (All Facebook)
  • 8 Essential Apps for Your Brand's Facebook Page (Mashable)
  • Optimizing for Facebook Share Preview (Gregg Hilferding)

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Facebook marketing success stories:
  • The 30 Most Popular Pages on Facebook (Inside Facebook)
  • The 25 Facebook Groups with Over 1 Million Members (Inside Facebook)
  • The Top 20 Most Engaging Facebook Applications (All Facebook)
  • 10 Highly Addictive Facebook Applications (All Facebook)
  • 6 Weeks After Redesign, A Look at the Top 10 App Developers on Facebook by Reach (Inside Facebook)
  • How Specialty Brands are Driving Sales on Facebook (Inside Facebook)
  • Top 20 Emerging Facebook Apps (Inside Facebook)
  • The Top 25 Facebook Games for March (Inside Facebook)
  • 5 Great Examples of Facebook Connect on the iPhone (Mashable)
  • How Major Retailers Can Improve the Effectiveness of Their Facebook Pages (Inside Facebook)
  • 5 Lessons Celebrities Can Teach Us About Facebook Pages (Mashable)

Facebook status updates for 2009:
  • Facebook Advertising - An Opportunity for Deep Targeting at Very Low Cost (SEOmoz)
  • Facebook to Launch Redesigned Pages for Businesses - Tour & First Impressions (Inside Facebook)
  • Don't get confused: Facebook's open stream approach isn't like Twitter's (LA Times)
  • 8 Ways the Changing Facebook Home Page Will Affect Application Virality (Inside Facebook)
  • A look at Facebook's latest statistics: More status updates? More content sharing? (Venture Beat)
  • Hands on: Facebook's new homepage adds, loses control (ars technica)
  • First Look: Getting Data from the Facebook Stream API (Inside Facebook)
  • Facebook Begins Testing Ads on Applications (All Facebook)
  • Facebook Starts Alpha Testing In-House Platform Ad Network (Inside Facebook)
  • Facebook Announces Advanced Ad Targeting Features (All Facebook)
  • Facebook Tests New Ad Format With 5 Ads Per Page (All Facebook)
  • The Current Facebook Developer Dilemma (AllFacebook)
  • Facebook Begins Heavily Promoting Mobile Services (All Facebook)
  • Facebook Takes A New Step Toward Openness (All Facebook)
  • Top Facebook Applications See 25 Percent Drop In Traffic Since Redesign (All Facebook)
  • Don't Fight The Stream: Facebook And FriendFeed Redesigns Are Paying Off (TechCrunch)

Facebook's role in the world of social media:
  • Twitter Versus Facebook, A Comparison Of The Top Users (All Facebook)
  • Should Facebook Dominate Your Social Media Strategy? (Online Marketing Connect)
  • Facebook Vanity URLs Could Help Search Engine Rankings (WebProNews)
  • 10+ Twitter-Related Facebook Apps (RotorBlog)
  • 10 Great Implementations of Facebook Connect (Mashable)
  • Glue Lets You Browse the Web With Your Facebook and Twitter Friends (Mashable)
  • Face.com Brings Facial Recognition To Facebook Photos (TechCrunch)
  • Facebook Must Handle the Twitter Threat (All Facebook)
  • Book Review: The Facebook Era: Tapping Online Social Networks to Build Better Products (SMO)
  • Facebook to Make Big Mobile Push with Profile Pic Caller ID, Phonebook Sync (IntoMobile)
  • Fluid Uses Facebook Chat And Status Updates To Help Retailers Make Shopping Social (TechCrunch)

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