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May 14, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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Big bad Wolfram?
Wolfram|Alpha simply hopes to maximize the potential of computers

Amidst a full pack of Google killers, Wolfram Alpha remains a bit of a loner. The new 'computational engine' developed by British physicist and mathematician Stephan Wolfram is set to launch Friday, live on It is clearly not a direct, foolhardy assault on the Googleplex although the NY Times raised the possibility that it could become a massive player without the need to search any web pages. PC World outlined Wolfram's efforts to provide answers, not links and to avoid Google's early bias to remove humans from the loop. Stephen's brother Conrad described Wolfram Alpha as a personal analyst while Google is more of a helpful librarian.

Mashable provided a good review of WA's capabilities for the average user and many bloggers wondered if it was just a coincidence that Google announced a number of significant changes this week. Perhaps the most relevant was Google Squared which was described by TechCrunch as representing Google's very necessary efforts to provide structured results if they are to stay ahead of the pack.

The most useful posts of the week

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Social Media
  • 7 Social Media Tools That Will Save You Time! (McKremie)
  • How To: Use Twitter for Customer Service (Mashable)
  • 10 Twitter Tips for Professionals (One Degree)
  • Choice Theory and Influence on the Social Web (Maria Reyes McDavis)
  • 8 Essential Apps for Your Brand's Facebook Page (Mashable)
  • 7 Questions Some Brands Are Asking About Twitter (Jeremiah Owyang)
  • Optimizing for Facebook Share Preview (Gregg Hilferding)
  • Yes, You CAN Make B2B Sales Happen Using Twitter (One Degree)
  • 7 Ways to Use Twitter for Business (Whoast)
  • Smart Tips for Using Saved Searches On Twitter (SheGeeks)

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Search Marketing
  • Use Google's Brain To Find Keywords (Daily SEO Tip)
  • 30+ More Non-Google SEO 'How to' Online Marketing Resources for 2009 (SEOptimise)
  • Google's Webmaster Tools Revamped.. What Does this Mean for SEOs? (Wpromote)
  • Google Toolbelt Tells Which Of Your Pages Were Recently Indexed or Linked (Google Blogoscoped)
  • How To Get More PPC Impressions Safely (Search Engine Journal)
  • The Path to a Conversion is an Easy One (More Visibility)
  • Why Descriptive Titles are Important (Seoish)
  • How To Broaden Your Exposure On The Google Content Network (PPC Hero)
  • Click Fraud Identification Guidelines Released (PC World)
  • A Deeper Dive into Passed Links as a Source of Website Traffic (SexyWidget)

User Experience
  • How to Write Copy for Short Attention Spans (CopyBlogger)
  • A Study in User Experience: Twitter & #fixreplies (Design for Users)
  • 5 Conversion Rate Improvements You Can Do In Under 5 Minutes (distilled)
  • Jakob Nielsen Critiques Twitter (Business Week)
  • How to write good copy for both search engines and customers (Pandia)
  • 15 Fresh High-Quality Free Fonts (Smashing)
  • 10 Ways To Put Your Content In Front Of More People (Smashing Magazine)
  • 10 Things to Check Before Using a CAPTCHA (SitePoint)
  • 50 Inspirational Web Design Blogs (Design Reviver)
  • 30 Inspiring Web Design Layouts from deviantART (Six Revisions)

  • Make it Pop!: Holding Their Interest: Reengaging Your Inactive Subscribers (Email Experience)
  • Be Your Subscribers' Best Friend: Design for Dynamic Content (Email Insider)
  • E-mail Newsletters That Customers Actually Read (Business Week)
  • Best Send Time? When Recipients Are In The Inbox (Email Insider)
  • Some Elements of Good and Bad Subject Lines (Stream Send)

  • Pure Visibility's Favorite Web Analytics Resources (Pure Visibility)
  • Power Using the New AdWords Interface for Integrated Search Query Reports (ROI Revolution)
  • Tips Tricks, Traps and Tools: Google Analytics User Defined Variables (VKI)

Radar Screen

  • Don't Fight The Stream: Facebook And FriendFeed Redesigns Are Paying Off (TechCrunch)
  • Hitwise: Paid search sinks fast (BizReport)
  • More Major Google Changes; Search Options Surface (Website Magazine)
  • Top 10 Portal Frontpages - April 2009 (Marketing Charts)
  • Google Hurdles Headlong Into Real-Time Search (Traffick)
  • Google to boost search listings with Rich Snippets (BizReport)
  • The 10 Sites Benefiting The Most From Twitter's Traffic Explosion (Silicon Alley Insider)
  • Flirt140: Find a Date on Twitter (RotorBlog)

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