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Apr 2, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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Twitter's 'Discovery'
Twitter has long been looking for search

Search is perhaps the most widely discussed Twitter feature. The problem has been that most users have to, well, search for it because it isn't available from their home page. Twitter has been slowly rolling out integrated search and yesterday they provided a significant update. While the change to their interface seems modest the implications could be big according to the WSJ's Digits blog which saw great potential in the new home page as a dashboard for real time search. Twitterrati, a blog that has criticized Twitter for lack of innovation praised the changes and saw an opportunity for Twitter to reclaim some traffic from 3rd party apps such as Tweetdeck and Twhirl.

Twitter plans a feature rich search function and has in fact named it a 'discovery engine' as differentiation. The challenges presented by an open API continue to be as strong as ever. This week Yahoo launched Sideline, a real time Twitter search client described as slick by Techcrunch but its value was questioned by TC and other bloggers including ReadWriteWeb.


The most useful posts of the week

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Social Networking
  • The Hierarchy Of Tweets - Analysing The Psychology of Twitter (Innovation Diaries)
  • 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Brand's Facebook Presence (Mashable)
  • How to Get More from Twitter (PC World)
  • Targeting Location and Conversation on Twitter (Kyle Lacy)
  • 5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page (Mashable)
  • How To Get The Most Out Of Twitter On Your BlackBerry (Lucafiligheddu)
  • 5 Great Examples of Facebook Connect on the iPhone (Mashable)
  • How To: Search the Social Web - Ultimate Toolkit (IIG)
  • 10+ Twitter-Related Facebook Apps (RotorBlog)

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Search Marketing
  • 9 Generic PPC Ad Copy Tests to Boost CTR (Komarketing)
  • SEO Copywriting: Lure The Bots - Don't Become One (Online Marketing Blog)
  • Ten Free SEO Tools Every SEO Professional Must Use (V7)
  • Theme Density - The Ultimate SEO Ranking Factor (SEO Design)

User Experience
  • 12 Excellent Examples of 'Lazy Registration' (Web Jackalope)
  • 30 Creative Examples of the Hand Drawn Style in Web Designs (Six Revisions)
  • The right way to make a dropdown menu (SitePoint)
  • Backgrounds In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices (Smashing)

  • Video within email is finally becoming a reality (Email Marketing Voodoo)
  • 5 Tips for Testing Emails [Video] (Get Elastic)
  • How to Grow Your Email List from Your Shopping Cart (Get Elastic)
  • Measuring deliverability and image blocking using clicks and opens (Email Marketing Reports)

  • How does [Google] Analytics get all that info? (Marketing Tech)
  • Marketing Optimization with Google Analytics (Google Analytics Blog)
  • Alternatives to Site Overlay (Luna Metrics)

Radar Screen

  • Facebook Redesign Catapults Quiz Monster Up The Developer Leaderboard (All Facebook)
  • CoTweet: The Twitter CRM Tool of Choice for BestBuy, JetBlue, and Ford (Mashable)
  • Universal Search's Affect on PPC (Mannix)
  • A Twitter Spinoff Launches for Moms (Digits)
  • Why Will Upstage Digg (GigaOm)
  • is like Twitter 2 years ago (BlackWeb 2.0)
  • Building Sideline: Lessons in YUI + Adobe AIR (Yahoo User Interface Blog)
  • Facebook Tests New Ad Format With 5 Ads Per Page (All Facebook)

Special: News Summary from April 1, 2009:
  • Introducing Google Chrome with 3D (Google Chrome)
  • Controversy Erupts Over Bridge to Microsoft (Switched)
  • Guardian to publish exclusively on Twitter! (Phil Bradley)
  • Introducing Google Brain Search for mobile (Google Mobile Blog)
  • Bringing Truthiness to Search (Yahoo Blog)
  • Obama to invest 20 billion in Google VC fund (Pandia)
  • reads blog comments over the phone (Crunch Gear)
  • How to Make Money Using Twitter (Web Connoisseur)
  • Freaking Huge URL Lengthens Too-Short Links (LifeHacker)
  • SlideShare's April Fool's Prank: Cruel, Or Just Unusual? (Mashable)

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