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Mar 31, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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The most useful posts of March 2009

March 2009. The President of The United States used the Tonight Show to talk finances but also spoke directly to the Web 2.0 audience. Facebook had an even harder time explaining their home page redesign. A famed celebrity couple broke up, listing Twitter as an irreconcilable difference. Back in the cubicles web marketers rode the shifting media tides as best they could. Here are the posts that our readers found Most Useful this month.

Social Networks: [score]
  • Social Media for Business: The Dos & Don'ts of Sharing (Mashable) [24.2]
  • Marketing in 140 Characters or Less (MarketingProfs) [22.4]
  • The 30 Most Popular Pages on Facebook (Inside Facebook) [18.7]
  • 11 Examples of Viral Marketing Campaigns (Digital Labz) [17.1]
  • What the Most Popular Brands on Twitter Are Doing Right (WebProNews) [15.5]
  • 25 of the Best Designed Twitter Homepages (Design Reviver) [15.1]
  • 4 Annoying Twitter Myths (Scott Fox) [13.1]
  • How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans (All Facebook) [12.7]
  • 4 Ways Companies Use Twitter for Business (ReadWriteWeb) [12.3]
  • Copywriting for Twitter: 10 ways to make every tweet count (Econsultancy) [8.9]

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Search Marketing: [score]
  • How Google Really Wants You to Optimize Your Site (SitePoint) [26.3]
  • 7 Simple Image SEO Best Practices that Lead to the Top of Google Image Search (SEO Blog) [23.2]
  • Google's Matt Cutts On Keywords In The URL (Search Engine Land) [20.7]
  • What is Google Website Optimizer and How Could It Benefit Your Website (Site Visibility) [16.9]
  • 50 SEO tips for online retailers (Econsultancy) [15.9]
  • Google AdSense: Tools, Tips and Resources (Smashing Magazine) [14.8]
  • SEO 'must have' extensions for Firefox (SEO Gadget) [14.5]
  • 7 Essential SEO Cheat Sheets (Search Engine Journal) [14.2]
  • Two new improvements to Google results pages (Official Google Blog) [13.9]
  • Use Keyword Phrases in Page Headers and Subheads (Whoa Factor) [13.8]
User Experience: [score]
  • 10 Words to Use in Your Website Copywriting (Digital Labz) [25.2]
  • 10 Keys to Crafting an Effective Call to Action (Whoa Factor) [24.7]
  • 40 Beautiful Examples of Vintage and Retro in Web Design (Six Revisions) [20.8]
  • Find The Perfect Image For Any Project In 5 Steps (Freelance Folder) [19.8]
  • Fifty gorgeous and free icon sets (Download Squad) [16.7]
  • A Collection of 30+ Free Stock Photo Sites (SitePoint) [15.3]
  • 10 Principles For Readable Web Typography(Smashing) [14.9]
  • Make sense of your site: tips for webpage design (Official Google Blog) [12.6]
  • 10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should Know (net tuts+) [12.3]
  • 70 Excellent Logo Design Tutorials and Resources (Six Revisions) [11.4]
Email: [score]
  • An Email Marketing 'Best Practices' Checklist (Manhattan Marketing Maven) [22.0]
  • How To Reduce Your Spam Complaints by 75% (Streamsend) [21.5]
  • What's wrong with this email? (Blue State Digital) [17.0]
  • How to promote many products in a single email (The Touch) [16.9]
  • Email Marketing? Your Mission is Permission (VKI) [15.7]
  • Making Your Emails Shareworthy (Email Insider) [12.5]
  • Top Reason for Email Unsubscibes or Delete (Marketing Interactions) [11.7]
  • Designing for Destruction: Some E-mail Creative Basics (Direct) [11.3]
  • How Opens Are Tracked and Reported (eMail Experience) [9.6]
  • Use Your Post-Conversion Page To Grow Email Subscribers (BeRelevant) [9.4]
Web Analytics: [score]
  • How To Measure Your Success: Google Analytics Explained (Lucafiligheddu) [18.8]
  • 30+ Google Analytics Tools, Goals, Segments, Filters, Hacks & Resources (SEOptimize) [16.3]
  • 40 Advanced Web Analytics Tools for Business, Big & Small (SEOptimise) [15.5]
  • Google Analytics Hack: Track Outbound Links In 2 Easy Steps (Brian Cray) [12.3]
  • Tips for Tracking Email Marketing Campaigns (Google Analytics Blog) [12.3]
  • 7 Simple Steps for Decoding Website Analytics (Search Engine Journal) [10.2]
  • Back to Basics: Is your website a 'closer'? (Google Analytics Blog) [7.8]
  • Conversion Funnel in Google Analytics (Saad Kamal) [7.8]
  • 4 reasons why segmentation matters in B2B landing pages (ion) [6.6]
  • SEO & Analytics: 4 Useful Ways To Assess Your Organic Traffic (Search Engine Journal) [6.1]

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