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Mar 5, 2009 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

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Facing up to the competition
Mark Zuckerberg announces a face lift

On Wednesday Facebook invited the press and top bloggers to Palo Alto where they announced some significant changes to the Facebook experience. The event came at a time when Twitter continued to soar and a mass talent departure at Myspace was described by Techcrunch in Yahooesque pre apocalyptic terms. The Facebook changes include a redesigned home page and a plan to make the 'pages' of celebrities, organizations and brands look and act more like standard user profiles. Inside Facebook provided an advance look at how the pages of Obama, Oprah and the NY Times might change next Wednesday.

Facebook is also changing status updates to become more of a real time stream that adds asymmetric following. Broadstuff was the most emphatic blogger calling the move a direct Twitter copy. The Friendfeed uber advocate Robert Scoble seemed awestruck by the changes, based on a Tweet sent through FF. Mashable outlined how the changes will affect marketers while Inside Facebook analyzed the impact on users and application developers. Hubspot found four features that businesses will love but Feeds felt that the standardization of the new business pages would stifle individuality. The money stream was followed by All Things Digital who could easily see how a business that looks more like a friend could mix business with pleasure.


The most useful posts of the week

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Radar Screen:

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  • Emerging Social Networks Using Cell Phones (Cornell Info)

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