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Dec 12, 2008 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

AOL turns Bebo into an $850 Million 'social inbox'
AOL relaunches Bebo as a social inbox

AOL sounded a curious note back in March when they spent $850 million to buy the social network Bebo. This Wednesday they explained the move by relaunching Bebo as a 'social inbox' where users can follow friends and read emails across multiple services. Search Engine Land reviewed the new features and Webware concluded that they liked AOL's solutions for reducing social clutter. Paid Content described AOL's open strategy as that of bringing 'frenemies' together.

Ars Technica saw some positives from the moves but they pointed to the difficulty of selling social based advertising, even with AOL's 100 million+ users. A slightly more upbeat outlook came from Mashable who liked the combination of AOL's audience combined with Bebo's technology, further supported by the recent purchase of social aggregator Socialthing.


Open search is working for Yahoo
Yahoo Search Boss gets promoted

On Monday Yahoo had a rare cause for celebration when they announced that their open platform Boss search API had reached 10 million queries a day, just five months after launch. SitePoint was one of the blogs who congratulated Yahoo on a strategy that effectively outsourced R&D and SiteProNews asked if Yahoo was a few tweaks away from a strategy that could challenge Google.

The search activity doesn't count towards Yahoo's conventional metrics because the searches are done on partner's sites and there may be other challenges towards monetization. Beyond Search put Boss in perspective and wondered if Yahoo would once again miss an opportunity to take advantage of a good thing during bad times.


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Gatherings: SES Chicago

Over 2,000 online marketers ventured to Chicago this week for the Search Engines Strategies convention. Here are the takeaways from the major bloggers:
  • Day 1: Mobile Search, Adsense for iPhone and G1 (Search Engine Watch)
  • Day 2: Browser Battles, Viral Linkbuilding (Aim Clear)
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Radar Screen:

  • Google Working on Answer to Flash, Silverlight, Java (SitePoint)
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  • Zentact Might Be the Best Social Networking Idea This Year (Mashable)
  • Zentact: A Must-Have Networking Tool (ReadWriteWeb)

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