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Dec 4, 2008 - Spotting things you'll want to see today. offers a social network fix for America aggregates multiple social networks

On Monday the NY Times' Bits Blog reported that is bringing its popular social network aggregator to the United States. The startup already has five million users centered in Brazil and India. Webware took a look at some of the bridges that Power can build and found them useful, although currently a bit awkward and confusing. 'Awesome' was the first word that came to mind for Marketing Pilgrim who saw the potential for a bright future despite the current clutter. Rotorblog felt that Power had the features to succeed where others had stalled although they might encounter resistance from the networks themselves (Social Times expressed a similar concern).

Mashable explained the features that sets Power apart from services like Friendfeed and Facebook Connect as it strives to become a major player in the social networking world. TechCrunch summarized Power's potential as the ability to keep track of your contacts even if you rarely visit their network and praised the viral marketing strategy that seemed a natural for Power to succeed.

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Facebook might control your connections
Facebook Connect gets serious

Back in May Facebook announced Facebook Connect, their plan to make the Facebook login portable throughout the web. This week they revealed a major push that will involve users of such sites as Hulu, the Discovery Channel, local newspapers with more to come. TechCrunch announced their 'relationship' with Facebook Connect and explained how it will affect readers. The project is being greeted as Facebook's efforts to become a platform for social identification across the web. Several bloggers questioned Facebook's credentials in this area. Alexander Van Elsas wrote that Facebook's interest in maximizing its own value will compromise the privacy of Connect users. The impact on the future of the more open standard OpenID was debated by epicenter and The Social. The general consensus, as explained by webmonkey, was that users would find OpenID too confusing and simply opt for the more familiar, although proprietary, Facebook Connect.

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Search Marketing

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Social Media

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User Experience

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Radar Screen: Even a short holiday week delivers some services with long term potential:

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