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May 7, 2008 - Spotting things you'll want to see today.

Note: This is a special issue designed to relieve Microsoft-Yahoo traumatic stress.

The non-merger dominated most but not quite every blog post this week. For those who can't read enough about it we are listing some of the week's more intriguing Micro-hoo posts on our website.

For everyone else, including those who continue to work for a living, we offer this special issue with the full week's bevy of tips and practical advice from some of the most innovative marketing bloggers.  Regular issues will continue next week.

Search Marketing:

  • 9 Tips to Improve Search Engine Optimization (MediaShift / PBS)
  • Three Simple Search Engine Optimization Tips (EngineWorks)
  • Analyzing Your Competitor’s SEO (Net Business Blog)
  • An understanding of SEO Keyword Research (Tony Adam)
  • Top 5 Non-SEO Ways to Increase Your Search Rankings (Search Engine Watch)
  • Avoid the Single Theme - Use Analytics to Find ‘Long Tail’ Keywords (Endless Plain)
  • Bidding on Pay Per Click Keywords (Best Syndication)
  • Make Your Ads Better: Three Powerful Techniques (Search Engine Land)
  • Want to Double Conversions in One Month? Split Those Ad Groups (Search Engine Watch)
  • Pay Per Click Profit Calculator Spreadsheet (KoMarketing)
  • Split Testing Adwords: You're Doing It Wrong (Fast Start)
  • Budgeting Resources for SEO Link Building (Search Engine Watch)
  • Upgrading a website? Four key SEO tips for web design firms (e-Consultancy)
  • Doing a Website Redesign with Search Engine Optimization in Mind (HubSpot)


User Experience:

  • Which button would you click? A lesson on website optimization (Google Analytics Blog)
  • Make Your Online Forms More User-Friendly (One Degree)
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Demystified (MoreVisibility)
  • Make Your Website Content Explode (SiteLogic)
  • Control Your Message By Keeping Web Copy Brief (PureVisibility)



  • 101 Ways to Publicize Your Web Site (Search Engine Journal)
  • 150+ RSS Resources (Traffikd)
  • 5 Tips To Help You Go Viral (97 Floor)
  • Marketers Guide to Del.icio.us (Traffikd)
  • 8 Critical Features to Consider When Purchasing an Online Advertising Analytics Solution (Clear Saleing)


Social Marketing:

  • 10 Things Retailers Should Know About Social Networks, and What to Do (Gartner)
  • A CMO’s Guide to Brand Management through Social Media (Personal Branding Blog)
  • 5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence (ProBlogger)


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