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Who's Blogging What? was founded by online marketing professionals who realized that the amount of information available to them had increased exponentially but that the hours in a day had not.

A world with too much information is here to stay, and from now on there will be no ideal way to keep up. Scoring algorithms and popularity counts are certainly helpful and we also use them as much as we can. But it seems as if they let us down when we needed them most -- at the point of emergence of ideas from unexpected sources. We also wanted to hear opinions from voices beyond the usual suspects that everyone else was listening to. To that end we laboriously searched the blogospehere for ecommerce sources. If it involves social media, search, user design, viral marketing, online video, web analytics or mobile marketing we added it to our list and we review every new post. We then identify the major themes of the day, include some of the best posts and point you to still more.

We hope that we will introduce you to some blogs that you will start following on your own but we'll keep finding important new sources for you. We are based in San Francisco where many of these ideas are born and where we have an extra three hours to read after the east coast goes to sleep. We are just now launching in 2008 but we are confident that the information age will continue to flourish and that people will always want to know Who's Blogging What?

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