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The new way to use Apple mobile

Apple's new mobile experience

Nobody knows more about the habits of sophisticated mobile users, so Apple's release of iOS 6 is certainly attention worthy. The blog Ars technica offered an exhaustive look at the new user features and TechCrunch provided a much quicker ranking of the good and not so good capabilities that Apple focused on.

The most heavily discussed feature is obviously Apple Maps, which the New York Times said 'may be the most embarrassing, least usable piece of software Apple has ever unleashed'. In full disclosure, however, David Pogue admitted that it had guided him to the middle of nowhere and announced that he had reached his destination. Other users were more forgiving of what seemed to be mostly data kinks. 360i looked at the need to know aspects for marketers of a system that could someday be an elegant, feature rich alternative to Google Maps.

Apple provides a much tighter Facebook integration in iOS 6 and ReadWriteWeb nicely summarized the reasons why many social media marketers are giving it a thumbs-up.

Two other features have potential for some impact in the near future. GigaOm feels that Passbook could bring mobile ticketing mainstream if properly implemented and Trendline feels that it could be a big factor in email marketing. Enhanced Shared Photo Streams are believed to have some limited applications for marketers.

There are still other, lesser known changes affecting user experience. Lifehacker talked about ten secret features that aren't being talked about, yet.

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