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Collective Wisdom:    Some expert thinking on five social media questions as we enter the first decade

1.For social media marketers, 2010 will be the year that...

1.For social media marketers, 2010 will be the year that...

Visit Ann Handley's blog
Ann Handley
MarketingProfs Daily Fix
...social media is on every company's radar screen. It's no longer the new bright and shiny thing; instead, companies of all shapes and sizes begin to pay attention to it (I'm looking at you, B2B).

Visit Alexandra Samuel's blog
Alexandra Samuel
Social Signal
Alexandra Samuel
...they have to deal with the three Cs of backlash: consumer, community and client. Consumers (a.k.a. "human beings") are already expressing frustration with community members who turn out to be marketing shills. Community managers will crack down on marketers-posing-as members because of the impact on trust and participation in their sites. And clients will either pull back or redirect their social media efforts when they discover that, surprise! marketers don't have the answers on how to actually reorganize their customer relations and R&D teams to meet the demands that social media marketers have awakened.

Visit Scott Fox's blog
Scott Fox
E-Commerce Success Blog
... mainstream corporations and media recognize the power and importance of social media marketing. This will create new business opportunities for social media marketers, help their new mainstream clients find more customers, and create exciting new dialogues as we all learn to better talk WITH customers instead of just AT them.

Visit Brian Solis's blog
Brian Solis
Brian Solis (blog)
...we start to look at Social Media as a chapter in the evolving story of new media. We'll focus less on "being everywhere" and we'll concentrate our efforts on creating visibility, presence, and community where we're needed.

Visit Bernie Borges's blog
Bernie Borges
Find and Convert
Find and Convert Blog
...marketers must learn to create experiences to fully engage their buyers. Buyers have too many choices. They want to be educated, enlightened and entertained. Marketers who do not create "experiences" where buyers can engage with them in fun or interesting ways will differentiate the best. These marketers will build trust and win customer mindshare.

Visit Ravit Lichtenberg's blog
Ravit Lichtenberg
...the rubber meets the road. Whatever held marketers back (access, information, funds) will get smaller and the possibilities will grow bigger. Those marketers who will be able to stay focused on customers, understand customers' behaviors have changed in the past couple of years, and deliver value using social media channels in their marketing mix will rise to the top. We will see marketers standing out for their ability to push the next generation of personalized marketing and for demonstrating results that are not tied to a specific tool or channel but that apply to the marketing ecosystem as a whole.

Visit Kelsey Childress's blog
Kelsey Childress
Awen Creative
The Social Robot
...social media marketing finally starts getting the respect that it deserves. Many people believe that social media strategy is easy and anyone can do it. However, they fail to realize that having an effective social media presence takes work and planning. I also hope that 2010 will be the year that businesses begin to understand that not everyone needs a Facebook or Twitter account just because everyone else has one.

Visit Lisa Barone's blog
Lisa Barone
Outspoken Media
Outspoken Media blog
...ROI is beaten into the equation. Up until this point there's been a lot of "testing" and "trying" and "feeling what works", but in 2010 it's going to be all about proving that return on investment. That means creating your social media plan from the start, investing in tools that can help quantify what you're doing, and picking and choosing where you an afford to spend your time.

Visit Mitch Joel's blog
Mitch Joel
Twist Image
Six Pixels of Separation
...we really experience “the great untethering” – from USB Internet sticks and netbooks to iPhones, BlackBerry and Google’s Android… the Internet will be less about beating out TV in terms of media usage and more about being everywhere like electricity.

Visit Mike Volpe's blog
Mike Volpe
Inbound Marketing Blog
...we all realize that social media marketing is only one tool, and it should be used with other marketing tools, not instead of them.

Visit Cameron Chapman's blog
Cameron Chapman
Cameron Chapman on Writing
...interaction will become more important than ever. Social media users don't want to be marketed to. They want to feel like the companies they do business with are really listening to them and are willing to do what it takes to make them happy. Having a conversation with your followers is more effective than pitching a product to them.

Visit Andy Beal's blog
Andy Beal
Marketing Pilgrim
...they realize that you don't "use" social media, you "engage" it. I see many marketers that simply push out content on social media platforms and expect them to be successful. They'll realize it's about the dialogues, not the monologues.

Visit Paul Dunay's blog
Paul Dunay
Buzz Marketing For Technology
...social leaves marketing and starts to transform other areas of the company. Companies will work with virtual teams to source and deliver work from far flung parts of the world. Finance teams will be getting tweets on billing and finance issues directly from the socialsphere rather than from the traditional channels. Recruiters are clearly already using Social Networks like LinkedIn as their first source of candidates. HR is checking the background of those new hires on Social Networks looking to see what this new hire is all about. Product development and R&D will start to develop products using social media.

Visit Linda Bustos's blog
Linda Bustos
Elastic Path Software
Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog
Every year brings more surprises in the social space. A few years ago blogs were the "must-have" for every business, 2 years ago it was the race to get a Facebook presence or branded application, this year it's been Twitter. I think for 2010 we'll see more services for businesses to monitor and manage the online conversation across multiple channels, and the ability to mine this data better. Someone's going to have to index all that Twitter chatter that currently disappears within a few days - this is very valuable for marketers, especially if it can be tied in with other types of web analytics.

Visit Danny Flamberg's blog
Danny Flamberg
Juice Pharma Worldwide
Manhattan Marketing Maven
...B2B marketers will heartily embrace social media and create robust vertical gated communities where real ideas and opinions get discussed by people who really know what they're talking about. Early examples like Sermo, for doctors who have to input their DEA numbers to join, will blossom in many industries. Social media platforms and marketers will finesse legal and regulatory concerns that have held them back so far. And these closed online clubs will generate significant traffic and user loyalty.

Visit Ryan Peal's blog
Ryan Peal
Momentum Worldwide
Ideas, Imagination & Stuff (a.k.a. Ryan's View)
...marketing directors all over the planet will start truly directing some real budgets to the world of social networking, and simultaneously, receive huge pats-on-the-back and bonus money in their bank accounts from CEOs who almost in unison will say "ah, social media, engagement with consumers, real conversations, helping brands deliver some fun and entertainment . . . now i get it! Why didn't anyone tell me about this before?"

Visit Chris Burdge's blog
Chris Burdge
bWEST Interactive
...small business starts to understand the value of engaging their customers on a "social" level and embraces social media tools to create conversations.

Visit Ian Lurie's blog
Ian Lurie
Portent Interactive
Conversation Marketing
...web sites become hubs. Some brands have already figured this out, but most haven't. 2010 will see more and more companies using their main web site as a focal point for broad, dispersed campaigns that cater individually to their audience on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. That, of course, will make ROI tracking an even bigger nightmare.

Visit Alexander van Elsas's blog
Alexander van Elsas
...you will discover that social media isn't something new. The trick is that you need to embrace the ability to be in a conversation with customers/users within your entire organization

Visit Joel Postman's blog
Joel Postman
...they will find themselves working with people inside large corporations who are as social media literate – or more so – than they are. Companies have been hiring for the social media skill set, and new grads are coming out of schools that have social media programs. This means social media marketers need to be prepared to respond to some serious, enterprise grade questions and concerns, in areas like measurement, security, and integration with existing systems and programs. No longer will a big smile, a thumbs-up, and an admonition to “get into the conversation” open any doors.

Visit Jake Hird's blog
Jake Hird
...there may well be a "hype-cycle" curve as some organisations suddenly start to question the merits of using social media within their marketing strategies. This is partly due to a combination of current poor-planning, not realising objectives from the outset, not putting realistic KPIs/measurements in place and a general lack of understanding as to how the social sphere works. Despite this negativity that may occur, 2010 is likely to bring huge developments in social-search, where semantic and real-time search will blur even more into social media, possibly providing cross opportunities in PPC, customer engagement/service and similar disciplines.

Visit Jacob Morgan's blog
Jacob Morgan
Chess Media Group
Social Media Globetrotter
...we really start to look at the evolution of social media and how it can be fully integrated into an organization. We will see budgets shift towards social media and taken away from some traditional media outlets. Mobile is going to become even more prevalent as a crucial strategic piece to the social media puzzle. Marketers will also have a much more solid understanding of what ROI is and will be utilizing many of the new tools and platforms on the horizon that will help get at the data. Marketers are going to have to really focus on the relationships that they can build with consumers.

Visit Samir Balwani's blog
Samir Balwani
Samir Balwani (blog)
...mobile becomes huge. Smartphones are becoming more powerful and so are applications. I want to know what my friends are doing, but now I want to know where they are too. I want to be able to find people and places near me that I can connect with. Mobile social media will be the bridge between online marketing and in-store marketing that we've been waiting for.

Visit Corvida Raven's blog
Corvida Raven
SheGeeks Blog
...people become more mobile and companies become social. Personalization will continue to be an important theme to business and marketing strategies. Social engagement will become a high priority.

Visit Ari Herzog's blog
Ari Herzog
Ari Herzog & Associates
...the world gets a little smaller. With the increasing global adoption of broadband connectivity and the deployment of web applications to mobile devices, the tenth year of the 21st century will focus on bridging the digital gap. For a marketer, this will mean looking beyond the target audience and into friends of friends, wherever in the world they may be and whatever technology they use to connect.

Visit Jim Gianoglio's blog
Jim Gianoglio
...they get taken a bit more seriously and play a more integrated role within the marketing department.

Visit Donna Maria's blog
Donna Maria
Indie Business Media
The Media Is You
... we begin viewing Social Media as one of the many forms of "media," social and otherwise, that allow us to spread our ideas. The emphasis will shift from "macro" to "micro" as we focus on cultivating and serving very specific communities of people.

Visit Mirna Bard's blog
Mirna Bard
Personal Blog
...we will probably start seeing many social network sites starting to charge for memberships for more quality control due to the amount of spam we saw in 2009.

Visit John Haydon 's blog
John Haydon
Inbound Zombie, Inc.
Social media marketing strategy for non-profits
..."Relationship" becomes the recognized "R" in ROI.

Visit Joe Pulizzi's blog
Joe Pulizzi
The Content Marketing Revolution
...valuable, relevant and compelling content becomes the center of their social media strategy.

Visit Jay Baer's blog
Jay Baer
Convince & Convert
...we figure out how to intelligently use all these tools we're so gaga over.

Visit Sharlyn Lauby's blog
Sharlyn Lauby
ITM Group, Inc.
HR Bartender
...we stop talking about adopting social media and start talking about implementation.

Visit Kirsti Scott's blog
Kirsti Scott
Scott Design Inc
Hot Design Blog
...traditional marketing and social media marketing are combined in integrated campaigns.

Visit Greg Finn's blog
Greg Finn
...companies start treating their customers like they should be ... thanks to Social Media.

Visit David Berkowitz's blog
David Berkowitz
Inside the Marketers Studio
...including mobile social media in the mix becomes standard practice.

Visit Larry Brauner's blog
Larry Brauner
Larry Brauner
Online Social Networking
...late adopters, concerned about falling behind, will rush to establish their social media presences with blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter accounts. Expect a lot of false starts and misguided attempts, such as companies trying to push their messages to consumers.

Visit Josh Peters's blog
Josh Peters
Shua Marketing and Consulting
...we stop rambling around the echo chamber and start really innovating. I think we'll see more "super stars" rise up as more and more people find their voice and start doing great things. It will also be the year we start figuring out the whole ROI, KPI deal and get the parameters for their different applications more defined.

Visit Maddie Grant's blog
Maddie Grant
...companies realize they can't create word of mouth without the relationships and the community behind it.

Visit Janet Fouts's blog
Janet Fouts
Tatu Digital Media
Tatu Digital Media
...social media is an accepted part of small business marketing plans from the get-go.

Visit Lisa Whelan's blog
Lisa Whelan
Socialize Mobilize
Socialize Mobilize Blog
...campaigns get really interesting.

Visit Kevin Gibbons's blog
Kevin Gibbons
...more businesses will use social media to boost their online profile. Interesting content will always be key to a blog's popularity - but after a slow start businesses are now becoming much more savvy in applying social media promotion and SEO techniques to a corporate blog. From our own experience we know how a blog can be used as a powerful tool for business growth, helping establish a company's reputation as expert in its sector.

Visit Susan Payton's blog
Susan Payton
Egg Marketing & Public Relations
The Marketing Eggspert Blog
...more companies "get" it.

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